Dental Fluorosis Removal

Many attractive smiles are marred by some discolouration or staining, either on an individual tooth or on all teeth. Isolated yellow, brown, or white areas on an otherwise normal enamel surface, though, are common.

Clean and scaling teeth to remove accumulation of plaque and dental calculus will also greatly help the appearance of teeth and of course your oral health.

Tooth whitening can remove stains from coffee, tea or smoking.

But stubborn discolouration such as dental fluorosis (white or brown spots in tooth enamel) are the results of an abnormality in the formation the enamel can be an annoying imperfection in an otherwise beautiful smile.


Butler dental uses inexpensive treatments such as bleaching and micro-abrasive treatments to gently remove spots from your teeth.

In cases where fluorosis is severe there are other options available such as composite resin restorations and veneers.

Book an appointment today so that we can examine your teeth and discuss options for removal of spots and stains on your teeth.