dental implants

Dental Implants

Butler dental is experienced in helping patients restore missing teeth using dental implants. Sometimes referred to as 'screw in teeth', tooth implants have a much higher success rate compared to other methods of tooth replacement such as dental bridges as they do not need preparation of adjacent teeth. This means that remaining neighbouring teeth will not be damaged.

A dental implant also known as an endosseous implant is a surgically placed into your jaw bone, this screw component bonds with the bone with the bone to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown.


If all of your teeth are missing then implants can be used to support a fixed denture.

It is important not to leave your mouth for lengthy periods of time with missing teeth. When you loose your teeth the bone that originally surrounds the tooth root will gradually lose bone that supported them. As this bone disappears, problems with other teeth nearby may begin to happen such as loose teeth of teeth moving.

Tooth implants which have been placed in good bone can last for a patient's lifetime or 20-25 years. This is a much better long term solution that and dental bridge that may last 5-10 years and cause damage to adjacent teeth.

A dental implant is a 3-4 month process and involves consulting with Principle Dentist Dr Parul Bhatia who will work together with a dental surgeon to place the implant at Butler Dental. You will not need to go into hospital for this as the dental implant can be placed while you are 'asleep' during dental sedation by a trained sedation dentist. After the implant has been placed into the bone and the bone is given time to bond with it we will cover the area with a healing cap and then a temporary crown so you will not have a missing tooth!

Dental implants are a good option to replace missing teeth that have been knocked out in trauma, the a crown that has been previously placed over a tooth root and the root has failed is is irreparable.