General Dentistry

Examination appointment

As a new patient to Butler Dental we will thoroughly examine your soft tissues and teeth. You may require some digital dental radiographs to help us with diagnosis and treatment planning.

We will personalise your treatment plan to suits your needs.

We also believe that regular maintenance examinations are an essential element to preventative dental care.

Hygiene appointment

At Butler dental we strongly believe in prevention and we would encourage you to have regular visits with our hygiene team.

Millions of bacteria are building up in your mouth on a daily basis and if left untreated can cause bad breath, bleeding gums, infections and loose teeth. Your gums form the foundation for your teeth and looking after them maintains the integrity of your oral health.

Our experienced team will meticulously yet gently clean your teeth and gums in addition to helping you improve your oral hygiene techniques.

We aim to encourage and motivate you!

Tooth coloured restorations

We will replace your broken and decayed teeth with a good quality composite resin material. This material is aesthetic and has good properties to maintain the function and health of your dentition.

Root canal treatment

In cases where the pulp chamber (the inner most layer) of the tooth is infected through dental decay, root canal treatment may be an option.

We will disinfect the tooth to remove the damaged portion and restore the tooth to prolong its life. This is the “last resort” to prolonging the life of a tooth before we consider removal.